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Today's world with "Johanna"who  has both feet planted on the executive ladder and has no plans to marry. But when she meets her soulmate he comes complete with challenges few women would contemplate. 

Reviewed by Night Owl Romance:
I thoroughly enjoyed reading ... it is definitely a recommended read. 5/5 A keeper.

Reviewed by Coffee Time Romance

Rating: 5 cups  ...I really enjoyed the resolution of this book, and for that alone will read this book over and over again. This book will win awards, and you do not want to miss it! 








Reviewed by The Long and the Short of It.
Rating - 5 books
This is a must read by all fictions lovers.

"Johanna" released November 2007 by Awe-Struck E-Books

Not even a 
carefully crafted plan  can keep BeeJay from avoiding the pitfalls of love with the wrong man and his houseful of neices and nephews.

  "Best Laid Plans"  to be released in 2009 by Awe-Struck  E-B ooks ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

On other worlds where Tess discovers that being a physician comes with unexpected responsibilities and humanness comes in all shapes and siezes.

    "Nightflyers"  Soon to be released by Cerridwen Press

Regency England with "Clementine  who helps a blind musician return to his music and discovers that none are so blind as the sighted.

Reviewed by Coffee Time Romance: 
Isabel Martens's skillfully woven story of mystery, love and danger will keep readers briskly turning pages ....  Don't miss this one.

    "Clementine" to be released by Awe-Struck January 2008

 "Best Laid Plans" relesed April 2009 by Awe-Struck E-books
Barbara Jean Milliston, IRS auditor and dedicated planner, has her life all scheduled. With a little help from her best friend, Karen, she is confident that she will marry the perfectly qualified man within the year and they will have two perfect children. Love has no part in her plans. Life with her parents has taught her that love turns otherwise sensible intelligent people into babbling idiots totally unqualified to rear children. But what's a girl to do when the man who makes her melt has a house full of children to raise? And how does she escape him when fate seems determined to keep her trapped in his household? Her mother calls it fate. Beejay can't think of a word strong enough to describe a nightmare that includes appendicitus, broken water pipes, and fradulent home associations. Some plans are just destined to fail.

 Reviewed by Long and Short Romances. Received 4 books.











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